Purpose of the VZPM

The VZPM - Association for the Certification of Persons in Management - was founded in 1996 and aims to organise and conduct certifications of persons in management or of organisations or parts thereof. The VZPM follows developments in the field of management in order to incorporate them into the requirement profiles of the certifications. It also conducts competence reviews in a form other than certification. Essentially, the VZPM uses professional experts as assessors to verify the competencies.

Independence and impartiality

As an independent legal entity, VZPM is committed to independence and impartiality. In particular, VZPM does not offer preparatory services or conduct trainings. However, interested persons and VZPM customers receive general information and general guidance on certification processes and the relevant documents. VZPM periodically analyses potential risks that could endanger its independence and impartiality.


Following an initial validation, the VZPM is revalidated as a certification body by IPMA® every three years. The validations are performed by two validators from two different countries. Any non-conformities identified must be remedied within a specified period. Recommendations of the validators are also implemented, if appropriate and reasonable. If the requirements are met, the validation certificate is extended.