22. September 2021

armasuisse - Finalist of the IPMA Global Project Excellence Award 2021

armasuisse has qualified for the final of the IPMA Global Project Excellence Award 2021 with the project «New Fighter Aircraft».

21. September 2021

32nd IPMA World Congress in St. Petersburg

Project Management in the Digital Transformation Era

04. June 2021

A new platform for the IPMA Global Award

This tool makes the application process easier and more transparent.

29. May 2021

IPMA Global PM Days 2021

Resourcefulness is the key to handling uncertainty, changes, limitations and stressful situations.

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26. April 2021

Global Best Practice Week in April 2021

The continuation of the top-class presentations

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30. November 2020

Written exams online and independent of location

No matter where you are, you can take the exam.

12. November 2020

IPMA International Perspective Event

Exchange of experience among professionals with an interest in organisational competence

26. October 2020

Global Best Practice Week 2020

Top-class presentations at an unbeatable price

26. September 2020

Conferences of IPMA® (CoD and CSP)

Dr Laurens de Bever is the new Chairperson of the CVMB

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12. June 2020

VZPM Annual Report 2019 (in German and French)

An intensive year for the VZPM