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IPMA Level A-D


You are able to manage projects with moderate complexity. You will find more detailed information than that provided below in the certification guideline IPMA Level C.

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Certified Project Manager IPMA® Level C

Admission criteria

Certified Project Manager IPMA® Level C

Over the past 6 years, at least 3 years' experience as a project manager in moderate complex projects or in a responsible project management role as a project manager assistant in complex projects. Only the roles of deputy project manager and sub-project manager are accepted.

Certification process

The certification process usually takes eight to nine months.

StageActivityExecution byApproximate duration
1Application to obtain the certificate  
 Submit application including professional career, project list, references and self-assessmentCandidate 
 Check application and announce admission ruling, if positive then demand Executive Summary Report VZPM2-3 weeks
 Prepare and submit Executive Summary ReportCandidate1 month
 Assess Executive Summary Report and announce definitive admission to the certificationVZPM3-4 weeks
2Written exam  
 Complete written examCandidate2 hours
 Evaluate exam and announce exam resultVZPM4-5 weeks
 Prepare and submit reportCandidate6-8 weeks
 Assess report and announce result of assessmentVZPM1 month
 Complete interviewCandidate1.5 hours
 Conduct definitive assessment of the certification and announce result VZPM2-3 weeks


The templates provided by us must be used.

Filling out the certification application form

Please watch the video to fill out the certification application.



Certification process stepsCHF
Application for certification200.00
Executive Summary Report (1)400.00
Written exam600.00
Report (2)800.00
Certification IPMA Level C3'200.00

(1) CHF 200.00 for the second version of the Executive Summary Report
(2) CHF 400.00 for the second version of the Report

If you have a valid IPMA Level D certificate or one that expired a maximum of 6 months ago, the total price is reduced by CHF 300. For further information, please see our Fee Schedule.