Personal integrity and reliability



The delivery of projects benefits involves making many individual commitments to get things done. Individuals must demonstrate personal integrity and reliability because a lack of these qualities may lead to a failure of the intended results. Personal integrity means that the individual is acting in accordance with his or her own moral and ethical values and principles. Reliability is acting dependably, according to expectations and/or agreed behaviour. 



The purpose of this competence is to enable the individual to make consistent decisions, take consistent actions and behave consistently in projects. Maintaining personal integrity supports an environment built on trust that makes others feel secure and confident. It enables the individual to support others.



Integrity and reliability are built on consistency of values, emotions, actions and outcomes by saying what you do and doing what you say. By using ethical standards and moral principles as a basis for actions and decisions and by taking responsibility for individual actions and decisions, confidence is enabled and promoted. The individual is a person to rely on.


Key competence indicators

Acknowledge and apply ethical values to all decisions and actions

The individual should acknowledge his or her own values, as these values are the foundation for consistent decisions and actions. Understanding values includes being able to express opinions and positions on a variety of topics. The individual communicates his or her principles, thereby demonstrating what they stand for. The individual makes others feel secure by being predictable in decisions and actions. The individual is able to identify inconsistencies and to articulate reasons for discord between statements and actions.


  • Knows and reflects own values
  • Uses own values and ideals to shape decisions
  • Communicates own principles


Promote the sustainability of outputs and outcomes

Promoting sustainability means focusing on the endurance of solutions even when engaged in time-limited tasks. Sustainability is not only about social equity, environment protection or economic results. It is the consideration of the long-term outcomes and effects of behaviour. The individual has the ability to keep the bigger picture in mind and act accordingly.


  • Proactively addresses sustainability issues in solutions
  • Considers and incorporates long-term outcomes into the solution


Take responsibility for own decisions and actions

To take responsibility means the individual takes decisions and acts while keeping in mind that the individual is fully liable for the consequences – in both a positive and negative way. The individual sticks by decisions and agreements established with others. The individual feels responsible for the team success on behalf of all the interested parties.


  • Assumes full responsibility for own decisions and actions
  • Demonstrates ownership of both positive and negative results
  • Takes decisions and sticks to agreements established with others
  • Addresses personal and professional shortcomings that get in the way of professional success


Act, take decisions and communicate in a consistent way

Consistency means that the individual makes sure that words, behaviour and actions match. By applying the same guiding principles throughout your actions, decisions and communication your behaviour is predictable and repeatable in a positive sense. 
Being consistent does not exclude flexibility in revising plans if the need for changes is indicated or to adapt to special situations.


  • Demonstrates alignment between words and actions
  • Uses similar approaches to solve similar problems
  • Adjusts personal behaviour to the context of the situation


Complete tasks thoroughly in order to build confidence with others

The individual completes tasks in a thorough and careful way. This inspires others to be confident and make promises and agreements. The individual is recognised as someone on whom others rely. Work results would be characterised by others as consistently good quality.


  • Completes work assignments thoroughly and carefully
  • Earns confidence through the delivery of complete and accurate work