Better market opportunities by demonstrating your competences in project, programme and portfolio management

We verify existing competences in project, programme and portfolio management of individuals, specific business units or entire organisations. The results are certificates or recommendations for action. The practical relevance is ensured by using professional experts as assessors.

Let us certify you and obtain your internationally recognised proof of competence!

We would be pleased to come to your company and present our certification products to you.


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22. April 2023

11th IPMA Research Conference from 22/23 April 2023

Research Resonating with Project Practice

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29. October 2022

IPMA Global PM Days October 2022

Ability to engage with others is a precondition for collaboration, commitment and, ultimately, performance.

19. June 2022

10th IPMA Research Conference from 19/20 June 2022

Value co-creation in the project society