VZPM Code of Ethics

IPMA® Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct


We recognise that our projects, programmes and project portfolios, affect people, society and the natural environment in various ways, both locally and globally. Project, programme and portfolio management are growing disciplines in an increasingly globalised world. Through this growth we are presented with new challenges, both in our individual endeavours as professionals and on the whole as a profession.

We believe that by committing to acting ethically we will make our projects, programmes and portfolios better and that this will serve to further our profession. The IPMA® Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct lays out the principles and minimum duties we hold towards the project, programme or project portfolio owner, teams, stakeholders, society and natural environment.

Fundamental Principles

We acknowledge that our community and the relations between professionals and their clients depend upon trust, mutual respect and the appreciation of our diversity.

We welcome the fact that we, as members of this community and as professionals, work in environments that are charged with various sensitive political, cultural and moral challenges, and we believe we are best equipped to embrace those challenges by being open to and respectful of our differences.

When working with clients, owners and other stakeholders we act with integrity, accountability and transparency. We realise that our work in project, programme or portfolio management may present us with a variety of ethical challenges and we believe that it is through these values that we will best be able to meet them.

The IPMA® Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

We welcome the diverse origins of ethical norms - secular and religious alike - and seek to treat difference with respect. We sign the IPMA® Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct to demonstrate adherence to fundamental principles that must guide all our professional conduct and practice.

1. Our Professional Ethics

We acknowledge that the integrity of our profession and practice is protected and sustained by our reputation.

1.1. Whenever possible, we avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest, and disclose them to affected parties when they do exist.

1.2. We reject all forms of bribery.

1.3. We do not participate in projects, programmes or portfolios which cannot succeed without compromising the principles laid out in this code.

1.4. We strive to maintain and improve upon our professional competences and we take on only projects, programmes or portfolios that we are appropriately qualified to manage.

1.5. We are realistic and truthful in our bidding procedures and we expect the same from our business partners.

1.6. We make reasonable forecasts and provide truthful and accurate reports.

1.7. We make realistic contracts, honour our contractual obligations and deliver results accordingly.

2. Our Commitments to Project Owners and Stakeholders

We value our clients, owners and stakeholders and are especially mindful of the duties owed to them.

2.1. We respect confidentiality and only release and discuss confidential information with people who are entitled to the information.

2.2. In our engagement we remain conscious of the possible consequences our work may have for other interested parties and strive to minimize any negative impact.

2.3. We are on our guard against any biases and unethical influences.

2.4. We take reasonable precautions to protect ourselves and our teams against illegal activity and we report any criminal intent or actions to the appropriate authorities.

2.5. We keep owners and other stakeholders appropriately updated at all times.

2.6. We encourage our clients to critically reflect on their expectations and the ethical implications of the project outcome.

3. Our Commitments to Employees

3.1. We hire people who are well-suited for our projects, programmes and portfolios, based on their background and experience.

3.2. We ensure the highest level of health and safety measures and we provide a healthy and safe working environment.

3.3. We do not participate in projects, programmes or portfolios that require unsustainable overwork or harmful working conditions.

3.4. We provide training, protective equipment or other methods necessary to ensure a safe working environment.

3.5. If our projects, programmes or portfolios require that housing facilities are provided, we ensure our employees have access to reasonable privacy and personal hygiene facilities.

3.6. When we encounter challenges deriving from social and cultural differences, we deal with them in a cultural sensitive way.

3.7. We honour the rights of individuals within our teams to celebrate their culture and customs to the extent that it does not inappropriately undermine the morale and mission of our team.

3.8. We do not make use of child labour, forced or bonded labour, or demand illegal overtime.

3.9. We do not accept any form of mental or physical punishment, including any kind of harassment or bullying.

3.10. We do not condone any form of sexual harassment and take precautions to prevent it taking place.

3.11. We do not prevent workers from associating freely with a workers' association or group of their choosing, or from engaging in collective negotiations.

3.12. We pay at least the legal minimum wage or the local industry standard, if higher than minimum wage, and compensate fairly for overtime.

3.13. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age or on any other arbitrary grounds.

4. Our Responsibility towards the Society

We strive to understand the cultures we work in, find common ground and establish mutual respect.

4.1. We do not participate in undermining or harming local communities, societies and economies.

4.2. We comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the country or countries we are working in.

4.3. We remain neutral and do not take a political stance in conflict situations.

4.4. We accept social responsibility and seek to develop our professional practices accordingly.

4.5. We uphold and promote high ethical standards even when working under the influence of companies, corporations, institutions or governments whose practices or policies are morally lacking.

5. Sustainability and the Natural Environment

We strive to minimize possible damaging effects to the environment, which may come about as a consequence of our projects, programmes and portfolios.

5.1.     We promote awareness of environmental responsibility among our teams, within our organisations and in society.

5.2.     We think long-term with regard to the environment and strive for sustainable development.

5.3.     We do what we can to reduce waste and emissions to air, ground and water and encourage the recycling of materials and used products.

5.4.     We handle, store and dispose of hazardous waste in an environmentally safe manner.

5.5.     We use resources efficiently in our projects and programmes and avoid waste.

6. Our Educational Mission

6.1. We raise awareness of the values and principles portrayed in our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct among our teams.

6.2. We incorporate what we know about technology, science and management of projects, programmes and portfolios to develop the people with whom we work.