Price adjustments for personal certifications

After 8 and more years, unfortunately, an inevitable step!

In 2013 (IPMA Level A-C) and 2015 (IPMA Level D), the VZPM adjusted the prices of the personal certifications for the last time. This was despite the fact that additional certification steps had to be integrated in autumn 2017 during the changeover to the currently valid certification processes in accordance with IPMA® requirements, namely the Executive Summary Report in IPMA Level C and the written exam in IPMA Level B. Apart from the cost development, VZPM will have to pay higher licence fees to IPMA® from 1 January 2024.

The submission of the certification application will be decisive for the price allocation. Certifications for which the certification application is uploaded before 1 March 2024 will still be subject to the previous prices for the entire certification process.

Please refer to the new price list for detailed information.