Suzana Cufer

Assessor IPMA Level A and B

She worked worldwide for 15 years in special civil engineering and tunnelling, including 10 years on behalf of the World Bank. East Side Access in New York, Copenhagen Metro in Denmark, Shanzi Wanjiazhai Yellow River Diversion Project in China as well as the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland are just a few of the major projects where she was able to prove her experience as a project manager and specialist. For more than 15 years, she has been working as a construction manager for large public administrations in Switzerland.

She holds a Master's degree in civil engineering. She completed postgraduate studies in Project Management, Procurement and Negotiation at New York University. Since 2006, she has also worked as a business coach, trainer and operations supervisor. She has been IPMA Level A certified since 2020 and has been acting as an assessor IPMA Level A and B since 2023.

In addition to her professional commitments, her involvement in the strategic board of an NGO is very important to her. She spends her free time with acting, doing yoga and travelling.