IPMA Global PM Days October 2022

Ability to engage with others is a precondition for collaboration, commitment and, ultimately, performance.

Global PM Days is a 2-day online conference on project management that brings together world-class speakers to spread and share knowledge and expertise. The conference is organised by IPMA Young Crew to support the growth of young project managers and students by boosting their personal and interpersonal competences. It provides an opportunity to learn from the world’s leading experts and connect with like-minded individuals.

Theme on 29 and 30 October 2022: Relationship and Engagement
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According to the ICB4, the international standard on competence for project, programme and portfolio managers, personal relationships build the foundation for the productive collaboration, personal engagement and commitment of others. This includes one-to-one relationships as well as setting up a whole network of relations. Time and attention have to be invested in establishing durable and robust relations with individuals. The ability to form strong relationships is primarily driven by social competences such as empathy, trust, confidence and communication skills. Sharing visions and goals with individuals and the team drives others to engage in tasks and to commit to the common goals.

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